There are many beauties in human nature, which often nourish us, warm us and move us. The beauty of human nature is like a lamp that shines through the sky of human nature, or a green boat that carries us to the other side of life and success. Just as birds need sky and fish need River, human nature cannot lack this kind of beauty. After experiencing the ups and downs of life, I feel even more that there is a kind of beauty of human nature, which must be cultivated and possessed. This kind of beauty is called restraint. Restraint is a kind of will, a kind of experience, a kind of beauty of restraint and patience. Whoever makes a difference and achieves greater success must be a man with the beauty of restraint. A man with strong restraint is often the strong man of life and the master of his own destiny. Because of restraint, they keep and temper their strong will to resist and give up all kinds of tempting desires; because of restraint, they can handle things calmly, calmly, straightforwardly and indifferent to fame and wealth; because of restraint, they can effectively resolve unexpected and numerous disputes, challenges and tests. So as to walk through the river of years with elegant posture and walk through the road of life with calm steps. It can be said that it is restraint that keeps harvesting every season of our life. Restraint is a kind of self-cultivation, a kind of realm, a kind of philosophy of dealing with people. I don't know how many denigrations, difficulties and misunderstandings people have to face in their life. It can be said that in the family and between colleagues, friends and neighbors, familiar and unfamiliar, intentional and unintentional disputes are continuous. When we try to be brave for a while, it is not only not conducive to the settlement of contradictions or conflicts, but more often, it results in a situation of both sides losing. Now, because of the trivial quarrel between husband and wife, there are many quarrels until divorce. Because of the lack of restraint, it brings us too many regrets and injuries. This requires us to cultivate the quality of restraint and magnanimous mind. When there are conflicts and disputes, we should not be in a disorderly way, and we should maintain the calm and demeanor we should have. On non principle issues, the best way is to be detached and look back. Forbearance is not just a kind of accommodation, but a kind of peace of mind. We should not punish ourselves and hurt ourselves with other people's faults and ulterior motives. We should not fall into other people's trap and tongue bog, so that we can become cursing village women and sweep the floor. Even if you need to fight back with a heavy fist, it's also a natural and unrestrained way to be angry outside and calm inside.